The Awakening
of the heart

Mount Shasta, California

May 24 to 29, 2023

¡Join Us!
8 participants
Only 3 spots available

3400 USD 2500 USD

My promise is that you will never be the same again.

6 unforgettable days

This is your chance to change your life

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My Invitation to You

I am Silvia Todorov and I am a Certified Life Coach, specialized in retreats and sacred journeys.

For more than 13 years I’ve been dedicated to guiding thousands of people to achieve their goals through self-discovery and support with different tools. I will guide you on this journey to your inner-self along with an exclusive group of only 8 people, which will allow me to closely accompany you in your transformation process.

We will visit a unique place on the planet and have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the energy of Shasta Mountain to explore our own spirituality.

This is your chance to change your life!

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Experience the Power of the Healing Mountain

6 unforgettable days

In which you will enter a new dimension…

…while you leave behind anything that does not bring you wellbeing or help in your expansion process.

My promise is that you will never be the same again.

3400 USD 2500 USD


May 24 al 29


3400 USD
$2500 USD

Exclusive group of only 8 participants

Accommodation is in shared rooms.
Airfare not included.

Ask about our 6-month financing plan without interest.

You have been called to Mount Shasta!

Do you want a time to look inside your being in total stillness and silence?

Would you like to connect with your essence and create a change in your life?

Are you looking for healing to break old patterns and step forward with freedom?

If your answer is Yes…

You are ready to connect with the divine source of love, awareness and joy that lives in you and achieve cosmic awakening.

The purpose of this experience is:

Guide you in the encounter with your true self

And find your own answers.

Lead you to a high vibration gate

So you can connect with angelic frequencies that will reveal who you really are and what your mission in the world is.

Be part of a safe community

That's full of love and
vibrates in harmony.


In the mysterious, legendary and sacred Mount Shasta, you will be able to raise your vibrations to a very high level, through the application of powerful healing techniques that will help you find the origin of your energy blockages, which give rise to physical illnesses and emotional wounds.

These will be 6 unbeatable days in which you will enter a new dimension while you leave behind anything that does not bring you wellbeing or help in your expansion process, experiencing the power of the healing mountain within you. The transforming magic of love that emanates from Mount Shasta will awaken and lead you to manifest the incredible and achieve the unimaginable.

Remember, in your hands lies the power of healing and your choices are what create the reality in which you want to live.

3400 USD 2500 USD

May 24 to 29, 2023


We offer you different payment methods and financing plans. Contact us to learn more →

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta is an imposing and magnificently beautiful mountain that stands 4,322 meters above sea level, adorning with its snow-capped peaks the Shasta Trinity National Forest, the largest forest in California, which covers 84,552 hectares. On clear days, Mount Shasta can be seen from more than 100 miles away.

A mystical, magical, energetic and enigmatic place.

Revered and recognized as an energetic vortex, inhabited by Native Americans for some 9,000 years. The Shasta, Modoc, Wintum, Atuyewi and Klamath tribes were among those who occupied the site.

Why should you join me on this trip?

My promise is that you will never be the same again.

With my experience and skills as spiritual guide and holistic life coach, I will be able to serve you as a support and clear guide, in the process of letting go of old fears and mental limitations by opening your mind and spirituality to the love and wisdom that abounds in you, giving you the opportunity to rewrite the next chapter of your life.

The retreat The Awakening of the Heart will be a unique and magical experience, where you will connect with the beauty and energy of Shasta and with your own being.

I guarantee that THIS EXPERIENCE WILL TRANSFORM YOU and will leave you with tools to lead a fuller and more conscious life.

3400 USD 2500 USD

May 24 to 29, 2023

See the testimonials from free souls who have already lived this experience

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Before attending the sacred retreat on Mount Shasta, I was going through a difficult time in my life. I had just gotten divorced and I was feeling very sad and depressed. But after the retreat, my life changed and transformed. I was able to let go of my past and connect with my inner being. I learned to love myself and heal my emotional wounds. Now I feel stronger and at peace with myself.


I had been suffering from anxiety for a long time and I didn't know how to handle it. After attending the Mount Shasta retreat, I was able to connect with mother earth, do forest baths and share with others who were in similar situations. This helped me release my anxiety and feel more relaxed and at peace. I learned to manage my emotions and find my emotional balance.


Attending the sacred retreat on Mount Shasta was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Silvia and her team helped me find the light within me and discover things that I was unaware of and that now allow me to manifest the life of my dreams. I learned to visualize my future and to do things with purpose and passion. Now I feel more confident in myself and I am ready to achieve my goals.


Before the Shasta Mountain retreat, I felt trapped in my job and didn't know how to get out of it. But after connecting with nature and myself, I was able to find my purpose and figure out what I really wanted to do. Now I am working on what I am passionate about and I feel happier and more fulfilled.


Attending the Mount Shasta retreat was a transformative experience for me. I learned to live in the present moment and to enjoy every moment of life. I met amazing people who taught me to be more open and accept things as they are. I now have a more positive outlook on life and am grateful for everything I have.

Are you ready to get on board this spiritual adventure with me?

It will be an UNFORGETTABLE sacred journey, that will open the dimensional doors of light in each one of us and those around us.

Travel itinerary

May 24 to 29, 2023

Mount Shasta is a unique place in the world. Known as the (Root Chakra) of the planet.

Located in Northern California, it is known for its majestic volcano, its breathtaking panoramic views, and its rich spiritual history.

According to Native Americans, Shasta is a sacred place where the energy of the Earth meets the energy of the cosmos.

For centuries, spiritual seekers, mystics, and sages from around the world have been called to Mount Shasta. This majestic mountain is home to many legends, fables, and mysteries from the ancient civilization of Lemuria and the mystical hidden city of Telos.

During our retreat, we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the mystical energy of the mountain, which will be the basis of our deep healing and spiritual transcendence.

It is the ideal place to disconnect, slow down and get back in touch with nature and the essence of love.

This experience will transform you and leave you with tools to lead a fuller and more conscious life. During our retreat, we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the energy of Shasta and explore our own spirituality.

Day 1

Wednesday, May 24th

Welcome to "The Awakening of the Heart" in Mount Shasta!

We will begin our first day at the Medford Airport where we will meet up and begin our exciting adventure to the beautiful Shasta mountain.

The journey from the airport to the hotel will take us approximately 2 and a half hours, but I assure you that the panoramic views of nature will be incredible.

Upon arrival at the villa, we will have an energetic cleansing ceremony to help us release any accumulated tension or stress and connect with the energy of the place. Then, we will settle in our rooms, which are spacious, comfortable and cozy so you can rest and relax.

You will have free time to enjoy the place and connect with nature. This is a perfect moment to meditate, breathe and reflect on what we have experienced so far and what we expect from our spiritual retreat.

This is just the beginning of our adventure.

Day 2

Thursday, May 25th

Visit to Shasta Lake

We will start the day with a dynamic Osho meditation. This technique will help us release negative emotions that may be blocking our personal and spiritual growth.

I assure you that this meditation will fill you with positive energy and will help you feel more alive and connected to yourself.

After the meditation, we will have a healthy and nutritious breakfast to recharge our batteries. The food is delicious and fresh, you will love it!

Next, we will head out to the beautiful Shasta Lake. This place is known for its crystal clear water and natural beauty. You will be breathless when you see it for the first time.

We will take a gentle walk around the lake to connect with nature and enjoy the impressive views. In addition, we will have the opportunity to practice some meditation techniques in the open air, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

This day will be a unique and transformative experience, in which you will be able to free yourself from negative emotions, enjoy a delicious meal and connect with the beauty of nature at Shasta Lake.

Day 3

Friday, May 26th

Special Guest Paul Venus

We will start the day with a Kundalini meditation to balance our energy centers.

This meditation will help you balance your energy and connect with your inner being. You will feel refreshed and full of positive energy after this meditation.

After the meditation, we will have a delicious breakfast to recharge our batteries and start the day. Then, at 11:00 a.m., we will have a very special meeting with our guest, Paul Venus, who is a guide in meditations, frequency activations and healing journeys. He will help us activate the energy of our heart and the portals of Mount Shasta.

This will be a very powerful moment of connection and spiritual transformation that will help you connect with your inner being and your life purpose.

After this special meeting, we will have lunch at a local restaurant so you can taste the delicious cuisine of the region. then we will have time to rest and recharge energy for the next day.

This day will be a unique and transformative experience, where you will be able to balance your energy centers, connect with a very special spiritual guide and enjoy the delicious food of the region.

Day 4

Saturday, May 27th

A day full of energy, transformation and spiritual connection

We will start the day with a delicious breakfast that will fill you with energy and vitality for what comes next.

Then, we’ll head to the waterfalls, where we will experience an activation with the energy of the water that will help you release emotions trapped in your body and connect with your inner being.

After the activation with the water, we will carry out a powerful transformational breathing session, which will help you to release emotions and blockages that you may be having.

This exercise will allow you to experience a sense of relief and freedom that will help you connect more deeply with yourself and the world around you. Then, we will have a moment of rest to enjoy nature and have a picnic for lunch.

Finally, we will carry out an exercise to release emotions trapped in your body, which will allow you to release everything that prevents you from moving forward on your life path. This exercise will give you the opportunity to let go of everything that no longer serves you, in order to move forward lighter and in peace.

This day will be a unique and unforgettable experience to connect with nature, the energy of water and your inner being.

Day 5

Sunday, May 28th

Visit to Heart Lake and Integration Circle

We will start with an energizing breakfast to prepare for a crystal meditation at the crystal center, where we’ll have the opportunity to connect with the healing and transformative energies of these wonderful beings of nature.

After our meditation, we will go to the Heart Lake for a powerful activation of the heart and a deep connection with the energy of the water and the nature that surrounds us. This is a truly special place that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Afterwards, we will have an Integration Circle, where we’ll  share our experiences and reflect on our time together in this retreat. This is a time of connection and community that will help you integrate everything you have learned and experienced in the previous days.

Finally, we will have dinner at a local restaurant and enjoy one last night together before saying goodbye the next day.

Day 6

Monday, May 29th


On this last day we honor all that we have learned and experienced in the past few days.

We will begin our day with a delicious farewell breakfast, an opportunity to share our experiences and reflect on all that we have learned. It will be a time to connect and be thankful for the deep friendships and connections we have formed.

After our breakfast, we will delve into a special gratitude practice. This practice will allow us to honor all that we have learned and experienced, so that we can carry those lessons with us as we return to our daily lives.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions we can cultivate, and through this practice, we will find a deep sense of peace and contentment.

This last day of our retreat is a time to reflect on all we have learned and to honor the path we have traveled together.

What to Expect

Our days flow organically and can include many of these wonderful experiences.

Take a week to immerse yourself in the beauty, power, and sacredness of this incredible mountain.

Now is the time to clear your schedule and join me on this retreat from May 24 - 29

This is you chance.

This retreat includes

6 days / 5 nights accommodation

Shared rooms acommodation

Fresh and healthy breakfast every day

Ground transportation (including to and from Medford airport)

Purification ceremony with plants such as copal or palo santo

Meditations on Mount Shasta

Nature walks with the intention of connecting with Mother Earth

Dynamic moving meditations to balance the chakras

Group meetings to share the individual growth process

Cacao ceremonies to help expand awareness and connect with the heart

Visits to the Shasta mountains

Access to the the Abundance Portal Membership

Creative visualizations to manifest our dreams

Sacred dances to strengthen the connection with our ancestors and our bodies

Hot springs baths to cleanse our energy and relax

Visualization journeys to sacred places of nature

Conversations about spirituality and personal connection

Unconventional healing exercises

It may include mountain hikes or many trails; or a visit to McCloud waterfall

Activations of the Crystalline Light Code woven throughout the days

Emotional Expression Therapy
This therapy focuses on helping you identify, process, and express your emotions in a healthy way, which can lead to a better understanding of yourself and a greater ability to manage emotional situations in your daily life. Guided by Silvia Todorov or Sandra Quiroga.

NOT included

Plain tickets

Lunches and dinners

Unspecified personal expenses

Payment methods and financing options

Only 8 participants

3400 USD 2500 USD

May 24 to 29, 2023

Shared room accommodation
Plain tickets not included

Pay with your debit and credit cards

You will be redirected to the checkout, where you can enter your payment information and secure your spot.

Pay in up to 36 installments with these options

At checkout you can select any of these two options to make your payment.

Get in touch with us to learn about our 6-month financing plan without interest


No, the retreat is aimed at all people who want to live a transformative and enriching experience, regardless of their gender. All are welcome to join us in this sacred space.

During the retreat, activities focused on meditation, inner exploration, and wellness practices are carried out. You will also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, share experiences and expand your consciousness.

No prior meditation or yoga experience is necessary to participate in the retreat. Internships are tailored to each person's needs and abilities, so everyone can benefit from the experience.

No, air tickets are not included in the cost of the retreat. Each participant is responsible for reserving and paying for their own air transportation to the sacred retreat destination. However, in some cases, airline tickets can be included in specific travel packages.

To reserve your space at the retreat, please contact us for more information on availability and cost. Once you have received this information, you will be able to make the payment to secure your spot at the retreat.

Get To Know Me

I'm Silvia Todorov

My mission is to guide thousands of people to transform their lives and make their dreams come true!

I am a Certified Life Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master, Hypnotherapist, with more than 13 years of experience helping thousands of people achieve their goals through self-discovery and support with different tools.

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The Awakening
of the heart

Mount Shasta

May 24 to 29, 2023

3400 USD 2500 USD


Refund Policy

There are no refunds, however, you can apply your balance to another retreat for up to 1 year. Request the balance transfer within 3 weeks of the day the retreat begins.

**Terms and conditions apply**