Awaken Your Inner Goddess


May 24 to 31, 2024


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You are beautiful. You are strong. You are the embodiment of pure, radiant and sacred feminine energy.

All women possess this power, although some have yet to discover it.

On this retreat, you will explore the deep, elegant depth that lies within you, joining forces with an intimate group of women who share your ideals.

During the retreat, you will experience deep care for your body and soul.

You will learn to harmonize your internal feminine and masculine aspects, thus recovering your vibrant vitality as a woman.

You will practice self-love, acceptance and compassion to find peace with your own unique expression.

You will explore your deep connection with your inner being, giving voice to those parts of you that may have remained hidden.

You will enjoy time for reflection and relaxation, a sacred space to simply be and allow new ideas and desires to arise.

You will return renewed, revitalized and empowered, with tools to continue your journey at home.

Are you ready?

Discover a retreat program full of irresistible activities to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Our retreats are customized for each group, so there’s always something new to discover!

$5100 USD $4400 USD

May 24 to 31, 2024

I will guide you transformation process closely

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Online class ⋅ Silvia Todorov

Vocal Awakening - Your song is your ceremony

Online class ⋅ Juliana Árbol de Caminos

Diagram and lunar calendar
Womb healing with yoni egg

The Awakening of the Goddess Mu ⋅ Introduction

Facilitator María Verónica Centeno

The Awakening of the Goddess MU


Isis: In ancient Egyptian mythology, Isis was revered as a multifaceted deity associated with magic, fertility, motherhood, and protection. She was also known as a powerful healer and a symbol of resurrection and rebirth. As a compassionate goddess, Isis was believed to assist people in times of need, offering guidance, protection and healing.

Hathor: Hathor, in ancient Egyptian religion, was celebrated as the goddess of love, joy, beauty and music. She was considered a nurturing and benevolent figure, often depicted as a cow or as a woman with cow ears, symbolizing her nurturing and maternal qualities. Hathor was believed to bring happiness, prosperity and fertility to people, embodying the pleasures and delights of life.

Mary Magdalene: In Christian tradition, Mary Magdalene is remembered as one of the closest followers of Jesus Christ. She is often depicted as a woman of great faith and compassion, who witnessed the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Mary Magdalene’s devotion to Jesus and her role as a witness to his resurrection make her a significant figure in Christianity, symbolizing the transformative power of faith and redemption.

Mother Mary: Mother Mary, or the Virgin Mary, holds a special place in Christianity as the mother of Jesus Christ. She is revered for her purity, humility and unconditional love. Mary’s maternal care and intercessory role make her a source of comfort and inspiration for believers, embodying the ideals of compassion, grace, and divine motherhood.

Quan Yin: Quan Yin, known as the bodhisattva of compassion in Mahayana Buddhism, embodies the virtues of mercy, empathy, and unconditional love. She is revered as a compassionate, enlightened being who hears the cries of the world and responds with infinite compassion. Quan Yin’s presence offers comfort, guidance and protection to those who seek her help, symbolizing the infinite compassion of the Buddhist path.

Green Tara: Green Tara is a revered figure in Tibetan Buddhism, known as the embodiment of enlightened activity and compassionate action. She is often depicted as a young and radiant deity, ready to help beings in times of distress and difficulty. Green Tara’s quick and compassionate response to her suffering makes her a beloved figure among practitioners, symbolizing the transformative power of compassion and the path to enlightenment.

Gaia: In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the Earth and the primordial mother goddess who gave birth to all life. She embodies the interconnectedness of all living things and the cycles of nature, nurturing and sustaining life on Earth. Gaia’s presence reminds humanity of its sacred connection to the natural world and the importance of living in harmony with the Earth, honoring and preserving its beauty and diversity.

This retreat includes:

Stay at Mu Garden Sanctuary

Shared Villa
Private Villa Available

7 Daily Delicious Breakfast

Deluxe Snorkel & Dolphin Watch Experience (Boat Departure)

Shamanic Yoni Steam, Vocal Alchemy and Womb Purification Ceremony

Facilitator Amma Sophia Rose

Quantum meditation with microdoses to activate your inner goddess

Plane Tickets Honolulu - Hilo

All activities mentioned in the itinerary are included in the experience.


Spiritual Renovation

Through these ceremonies and meditations in this geography you experience a deep spiritual renewal, reconnecting with yourself, finding a sense of inner peace and a clearer and calmer mind. Recharging your energies.

Emotional Healing

Purification practices and shamanic ceremonies will facilitate the release of your emotional burdens, healing past wounds, finding emotional balance.

Connection with Nature

Exploring Hawaii's magnificent landscapes will reconnect you with nature and experience its profound beauty and healing power.

Personal Growth

Through workshops, ceremonies and learning activities, you will have the opportunity to explore your potential, overcome challenges and grow in all aspects of your life.

Community and Support

You will develop meaningful connections and feel the support of a loving and supportive community.

Spiritual Conscience

You will have greater spiritual awareness, understanding your place in the universe and your connection to everything.

Inspiration and Motivation

As you experience the transformative power of nature and spiritual practices, you will be inspired to take these learnings and experiences with you into your everyday life, motivating you to live with purpose and love.


-Arrival and welcome to the group

-Word circle to integrate and get to know the participants


-Healthy breakfast
-Visit to Kaumana Cave, waterfalls and beach
-Meditation of the four elements

The second day of the retreat will be an enriching experience that combines natural exploration with spiritual connection. After a healthy breakfast, we'll head to the mystical Kaumana Cave, a geological wonder formed by ancient lava flows. This cave, with its tunnels and dark passages, will connect us with the rich geological history of the region, reminding us of the strength and beauty of natural processes.

Then, we will marvel at the impressive waterfalls, surrounded by lush vegetation, where the energy of nature is palpable.

Finally, we will head to the beach for a meditation of the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. This moment of introspection will allow us to connect with the very essence of life and feel the presence of ancient Lemuria, a mythical civilization that is believed to have existed in this geography.

After this transformative experience, we will share a comforting dinner and reflect on our experiences of the day. It will be an unforgettable day, steeped in history, nature and spirituality.

-Water Energy Ceremony at Moku 'Ola
Brief meditation with oli
-Learning the traditional ho'okupu
-Hawaiian water cleansing ceremony on the seashore
-'Ohe Pu creation workshop
-'Ohe Pu creation workshop
-Closing ceremony by Kumu Ehula

On the third day of the retreat, participants will have a truly transformative experience as they immerse themselves in the powerful energy of water at Moku 'Ola. After a nutritious breakfast, we will head to the Water Energy ceremony, where each person will immerse themselves in the deep connection with the Pacific Ocean, a symbol of purification and renewal.

Through a brief meditation with Oli, we will connect with the very essence of this sacred place. We will learn the traditional ho'okupu, an act of respect and gratitude towards nature. Then, we will immerse ourselves in the refreshing cleansing with Hawaiian water on the seashore, releasing tensions and renewing our spirit.

In the 'Ohe Pu creation workshop, each person will shape their own bamboo conch, symbolizing the openness to new possibilities. After a nutritious lunch, we will continue with the workshop and close the day with a meaningful ceremony led by Kumu Ehula, where each participant will feel spiritually renewed and strengthened.

It will be an unforgettable experience of deep connection with the element of water and with yourself.

-Visit to Kilauea Volcano National Park
-Learning about Hawaiian culture and hula kahiko option
-Ceremony at Halema'uma'u Crater with ho'okupu and meditation
-Closing of the ceremony by Kumu

On the fourth day of the retreat, participants will live a unique experience exploring the energy of fire at Kilauea Volcano. After a comforting breakfast, we will head to Kilauea Volcano National Park, a place of great geological and cultural importance in Hawaii. Here, we will learn about the fascinating history and rich culture of Hawaii, immersing ourselves in the traditions of hula kahiko, an ancient form of dance that honors the connection to earth and fire. Then, we will enter the Halema'uma'u crater for a deep ho'okupu and meditation ceremony, where we will connect with the strength and vitality of volcanic fire. The day will conclude with a closing ceremony led by Kumu, leaving each participant with a sense of spiritual renewal and connection to the powerful energy of the volcano. It will be an unforgettable experience of exploration and connection with nature and Hawaiian culture.

-Shamanic steam and vocal alchemy ceremony
-Womb purification ceremony
-Visit to Kaumana Cave, waterfalls and beach
-Quantum meditation with activation of each of the goddesses

On the fifth day of the retreat, participants will immerse themselves in a world of transformation and healing through shamanic ceremonies and quantum meditation. After a nutritious breakfast, a shamanic steam and vocal alchemy ceremony awaits us, where we will release tensions and purify our being through the healing power of steam and singing.

We will continue with a womb purification ceremony, an ancestral ritual that will allow us to release emotional burdens and connect with our sacred femininity. After lunch, we will visit Kaumana Cave, waterfalls and beach again to integrate the experiences of the previous day. We will conclude with a unique quantum meditation, where each participant will experience the activation of the inner goddesses, awakening her inner power and wisdom.

It will be an eye-opening and deeply transformative experience, giving each person a sense of renewal and empowerment.

-Cruise excursion to swim with dolphins, turtles and manta rays
-Free time to enjoy the sea and nature

The sixth day of the retreat promises an unforgettable adventure in the crystalline waters of the Pacific Ocean. After a delicious breakfast, an exciting cruise adventure where we will have the opportunity to swim with playful dolphins, interact with majestic sea turtles and marvel at the grace of manta rays. This close encounter with marine life will allow us to connect with nature in a unique and deeply moving way.

We will enjoy free time to explore the wonderful marine environment, immersing ourselves in the serenity of the ocean and delighting in the beauty of its underwater landscapes. We will conclude this day of adventure with a relaxed dinner, sharing our experiences and celebrating the wonder of life in the ocean.

It will be an unforgettable day full of wonder, connection with nature and moments of pure joy.

-Breakfast of gratitude and reflection
-Farewell and closing of the retreat

The seventh and final day of the retreat will be a time to reflect, express gratitude, and say goodbye with hearts full of joy and unforgettable memories. We will begin with a special gratitude breakfast, where each participant will have the opportunity to share their experiences, learnings, and most significant moments of the retreat.

It will be a time of deep connection and camaraderie, where we will celebrate the personal growth and bonds that have been formed during our Hawaii adventure.

After breakfast, we will meet for the official closing of the retreat. Here, we will say goodbye with gratitude and appreciation, taking with us the precious memories and lessons learned during our time on this sacred land.

It will be an emotional closing but full of hope and renewal, as each participant will return home with a heart full of love, inspiration and a deep connection with their inner being and with nature.

All activities mentioned in the itinerary are included in the experience.


Airplane tickets to Honolulu
Travel insurance
Activities and meals outside of those mentioned in the itinerary
Unspecified personal expenses

Payment methods and financing options

$5100 USD $4400 USD

May 24 to 31, 2024

Accommodation in shared villa
Does not include airplane tickets to Honolulu

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