The Sacred Mushrooms Ceremony


My personal experience in the 2 ceremonies is 1. Being in the moment (being present in the present) with everything that makes up my being... that is, not only in thought but also with what the energy bodies generate in the moment. ...that is if they have not let me leave in the astral body...and then. As a result of this experience 2. Integrate more and more into who I truly am.... what is the personal essence of my being.... and that leads to observing everything as the Toltec poem says: "For me the paths that have heart, Any path that has a heart. And that's where I go, Looking, looking breathless"

Eternally grateful for this spiritual healing. Silvia. God blesses you and has given you a very great gift. Thank you for this gift and I will always be by your side helping many more people join this circle of awareness, generating awareness and healing.


Small groups of up to 4 people

Therapeutic Evening with Sacred Mushrooms

Mazatec indigenous peoples; Consider the mushroom as the divine children of God and the oldest medicine in the universe; It constitutes the foundation of shamanism, natural medicine and the indigenous Mexican worldview.

🍄Mushrooms should be taken only in healing and cleansing ceremonies. Beyond being a method of cellular regeneration, it acts simultaneously on the physical, energetic and psychic body.

It is also a gateway to modified states of consciousness, allowing us to observe realities that would be hidden under ordinary circumstances. This situation gives us understanding to reconcile with life, with others, with nature, the universe, with ourselves and with the divine. This contribution is fundamental for a modification of consciousness that deserves special and serious consideration because it allows the experienced to feel and rethink with respect to their limits and infinite energetic-spiritual possibilities.

Are Mushrooms medicine?

They serve as a psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic resource so that the person becomes aware of their problems in their true meaning. By eating mushrooms, we can influence the will in the very essence of our innermost personality, perfecting a favor.

🍄The Sacred Mushrooms have the mission of experiencing the spirit at a very deep level and connecting with it. It also makes us very aware of the reality of our body and mind, and is an invaluable tool in the healing of our body, mind and spirit.

Complementing this therapy with this sacred plant we perform:

✅ Energetic Cleansing of the Environment, Aura and Chakras
✅ Snuff Circle
✅ Sonotherapy
✅Medicinal music
✅ Supportive healing techniques to release and close cycles during your process in the experience.
✅ Accompaniment during the 3 phases (Preparation, Experience and Integration)

Healing benefits of The Sacred Mushrooms Ceremony

✅ Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
✅ Break cycles of addiction and substance abuse
✅ Emotional healing and post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD)
✅ End-of-life distress
✅ Spiritual and mystical experiences
✅ Self-knowledge, personal growth and greater well-being