Mount Shasta is a place of powerful energy and spiritual connection, making it an ideal setting for a transformative journey. Below is the personalized itinerary:

Day 1 – Thursday: Arrival and Opening

Arrival at Mount Shasta and Welcome
Opening ceremony to connect with the energy of the place and with our retreat companions.
Introduction to the importance of connection with nature and spirituality.

Day 2 – Friday: Sacred Mushrooms Ceremony

Meditation and intention to prepare for the special ceremony of The Sacred Mushrooms.
Participation in the emotional ceremony of The Sacred Mushrooms, a sacred tradition full of meaning and respect for life.
Time to share our experiences and reflect on the meaning of this ceremony.
Shasta Mountain Sunset Hike, Ceremony Integration Meditation

Day 3 – Saturday: Healing and Renewal

Renaissance at the Cascade
We will begin our journey with a Tea ceremony of intention and connection with your purest essence, opening your soul to this experience, then we head to a sacred waterfall. Letting the pure waters cleanse and renew you, preparing you for the transformation that awaits you.
Visit the Garden of Peace to reconnect with the ascended masters Kwan Yin, Virgin Mary And more

Day 4 – Sunday: Integration and Closing

Meditation to integrate the experiences of the retreat and give thanks.
Coaching session to establish goals and strategies to bring spiritual transformation to everyday life.
Closing ceremony to thank and say goodbye to Mount Shasta.
Check-out and final farewell.

Throughout the retreat, there will be time for introspection, self-care, and connecting with nature. Remember that this retreat is designed to be a transformative and meaningful experience.

I hope this retreat at Mount Shasta gives you a deeper connection to yourself and allows you to experience true spiritual growth!

If you have more questions or need more details, don’t hesitate to ask me.

May this retreat be an unforgettable moment on your life path!


Stay in a quiet and welcoming environment
Healthy and delicious breakfasts
Ceremonies and spiritual activations
Visits to the energetic places of Mount Shasta
Individual session with me to define your goals and purpose of the retreat
Healthy Coaching: Support in choosing menus according to your objectives
Annual membership in the Portal of Abundance, with access to an enriching community in the Book Club
A surprise gift that will fill you with joy

Does not include:

Air tickets
Transportation from the airport to Casa Corazón


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