Sacred Ceremony

Renewing the Self

Through this experience, I will guide you to a new worldview, a way of seeing and experiencing life that will change you forever.


The Sacred Ceremony is an ancient rite that has been practiced for centuries by sages and shamans to open doors to spiritual dimensions and deep healing.

Our journey begins in a sacred circle, where our spirits intertwine in unity. This union will strengthen your spiritual ties with the other participants, creating a deep connection that will stay with you long after the ceremony has ended.

Meditation will be our gateway to the depths of your being. As you immerse yourself in the stillness of your mind, you will discover the inner wisdom that has always been present within you. This connection with your inner self will lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

During this ceremony, you will experience practices of growth and evolution that will allow you to see life with renewed eyes.

It is also a gateway to modified states of consciousness, allowing us to observe realities that would be hidden under ordinary circumstances. This situation gives us understanding to reconcile with life, with others, with nature, the universe, with ourselves and with the divine. This contribution is fundamental for a modification of consciousness that deserves special and serious consideration because it allows the experienced to feel and rethink with respect to their limits and infinite energetic-spiritual possibilities.

It serves as a psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic resource so that the person becomes aware of their problems in their true meaning. By eating mushrooms, we can influence the will in the very essence of our innermost personality, perfecting a favor.

Sacred medicine has the mission of experiencing the spirit at a very deep level and connecting with it. It also makes us very aware of the reality of our body and mind, and is an invaluable tool in the healing of our body, mind and spirit.

To complement therapy with this sacred medicine we perform:

✅ Energetic Cleansing of the Environment, Aura and Chakras
✅ Rape Circle
✅ Sonotherapy
✅Medicinal music
✅ Supportive healing techniques to release and close cycles during your process in the experience.
✅ Accompaniment during the 3 phases (Preparation, Experience and Integration)

Healing benefits of the Sacred Ceremony

✨ Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
✨ Break cycles of addiction and substance abuse
✨ Emotional healing and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
✨ Reduce distress at the end of life
✨ Spiritual and mystical experiences
✨ Self-knowledge, personal growth and greater well-being

Other benefits

✨ Improve emotional states
✨ Increased creativity
✨ Increased energy
✨ Favors moods
✨ Increased state of presence, openness and perception
✨Fight addictions
✨ Clarifies vision regarding limiting patterns to work on them
✨ Promote the connection with our inner child
✨ Improve memory and concentration
✨ Opening of consciousness
✨ Promote relaxation and rest

In our ancestral medicine ceremonies, spiritual journeying and healing occur on multiple levels, including energetic cleansing of the environment, aura, and chakras.

This energetic cleansing process is essential to prepare participants and allow them to immerse themselves in the experience with an open mind and spirit.

Cleaning the environment is the first step. Before beginning the ceremony, a ritual is performed to purify the space and eliminate any negative energy that may interfere with the healing process. This creates a sacred and protected environment that allows higher energies to flow freely.

Cleansing the aura and chakras is another crucial aspect of our ceremony. I personally use energy healing techniques to remove blockages and negativity from individual energy fields. This will help you release emotional burdens and traumas stored in your being, preparing you to receive ancestral medicine effectively.

During the process, I provide constant support to the participants. This implies complete support throughout the three phases: preparation, experience and integration.

The preparation phase is crucial as it allows participants to set a clear intention and open themselves to the medicine.
During the experience, I will be present to guide and protect participants as they explore the depths of their being.
Finally, in the integration phase, I will provide you with guidance on how to incorporate the lessons and healings obtained into your daily life.

Aromatherapy is an additional tool that I use to enhance the experience. Carefully selected essential oils are used to raise vibration and facilitate spiritual opening. This heightens the senses and creates an environment conducive to deep healing.

Music also plays a fundamental role in our ceremonies. We use carefully selected medicinal music to induce altered states of consciousness, encourage introspection and connect participants with their inner being.
Music acts as a bridge between the earthly and the divine, guiding participants on their journey of self-discovery and transformation.

My ancestral medicine ceremonies offer a holistic approach to healing and spiritual growth, providing you with a deep and transformative experience that allows you to heal, grow and elevate towards a fuller and more conscious life.



A sacred medicine, will open your third eye and cleanse your pineal gland, allowing for greater mental and spiritual clarity. As the shadows of the past fade, your words and thoughts will be purified, paving the way for authentic and meaningful communication with others.

Coaching sessions before and after the ceremony

These personalized sessions will provide you with support, guidance and a space to share your experiences, concerns and progress. I am here to help you integrate the teachings of the ceremony into your daily life and make the most of this experience of spiritual growth.

Exclusive ebook containing the protocol of the sacred ceremony

This detailed resource will guide you through the steps necessary to prepare and make the most of your ceremony. It contains information about the diet, intentions, ritual and everything you need to know to be ready for the experience.


My personal experience in the 2 ceremonies is: 1. Being in the moment (being present in the present) with everything that makes up my being... that is, not only in thought but also with what the energy bodies generate in the moment... that is if they have not let me leave in the astral body...and then. As a result of this experience 2. Integrate more and more into who I truly am.... what is the personal essence of my being... and that leads to observing everything as the Toltec poem says:
"For me the paths that have heart,
Any path that has a heart.
And that's where I go,
Looking, looking breathless."

Eternally grateful for this spiritual healing. Silvia. God blesses you and has given you a very great gift. Thank you for this gift and I will always be by your side helping many more people join this circle of awareness, generating awareness and healing.


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